The 9-Rs for Resolving Conflicts is a thank-you giftand free to visitors of the author’s website.

This model works because it takes students through an accountability
process that . . .

  • Promotes fairness
    Enabling the examination of consequences of decisions through a series of non–pre-judgmental steps.
  • Focuses on learning from mistakes
    Using role reversal to conceptualize pain endured by others.
  • Develops compassion and empathy
    Understanding and acknowledging the impact of words and behaviors.
  • Teaches the difference between intentions and perceptions
    Clarifying how those on the receiving end of hurtful comments and behaviors feel.
  • Achieves mutual reconciliation
    Revisiting, reviewing, reflecting, and taking full responsibility.
  • Respects and maintains everyone’s dignity
    Recognizing accountability does not require loss of dignity while learning how to ask to be forgiven.

Note: Elementary school teachers are encouraged to modify the language to make it developmentally appropriate for their age group.