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How Real Life Circumstances Created the Necessity to Bend the Arch of Educating Students Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Navigating through challenges was generally achieved by trying to see and understand circumstances through the perspective of young adults who transferred into an alternative education program after having been continually recycled through traditional school settings where they experienced failure.

How Measuring The Circumference of a Circle Was Not Going to Equip Students To Meet and Overcome the Challenges of A Different Test; Their Ability to Survi

Instead of competing for their time and ultimately risk losing them, I knew we had to reframe our mission to make it possible to work with the complicated lives they were trying to manage instead of against those elements. To do that it became necessary to adapt alternative pathways towards earning a diploma.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Whenever facing unexpected challenges requiring the need to rise up and speak truth to anyone, but particularly to those in power, sometimes it would result in being targeted with some form of disapproval; a kind way of saying retribution. Expressions of constructive feedback were well received by leaders who were competent. Competent leaders didn’t fear professionals with divergent points of view.


“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no trouble, noise, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

When others express doubts about my intentions being overly ambitious, I work through all of
the noise by finding solace in reminders like this message…

Thank you Lady Gaga

Following The Example of Others for Whom Deterrence, Exhaustion, Despair Have Never Been An Optio

My life has been influenced by the Malcolm X’s, Shirley Chisholm’s, Martin Luther King’s, Harriet Tubman’s, and so many others whom I don’t know; mostly due to the absence of their heroic contributions in our history books. Much of my admiration is for the extraordinary strength possessed by many to meet moments where they literally gave their lives for the betterment of others. Being among one of the later generations who benefited from their legacy and determination to eradicate systemic racism, in later years I would come to realize, my trajectory from classroom teacher to school leader was made possible by activists like them.

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Aspirations to Continue Educating…..

As a lifetime educator I devoted much of my career examining, and where possible removing, and replacing institutionalized barriers of educational oppression. And that mission continues. Fortunately launching my new career as an author, America’s Educational Crossroads provided an opportunity for me to continue imagining ways to improve education for all students. As is often the case when barriers are dismantled, then replaced with nondiscriminatory and higher quality practices beneficial to everyone, and not just a few, ultimately the changes both enhance performances and at accelerated pace. The era of applying reforms to education have not produced sustainable academic achievement. It is time to discontinue proposing reforms that feel more like safety nets designed to capture and prevent further decline in student academic performances; usually among those performing at the lowest academic levels. Safety nets generally cause stagnation.

In Times of Needing to Restore My Equilibrium I’m guided by my ability to just keep… in Humanity