Meet Angel and Mervin, alumni of Greater Egleston High School. Angel and Mervin share their perspectives about their experience’s as students during Julie’s leadership tenure. Affectionately and respectfully referring to Julie as “Ms. Coles,” who they and other alumni remain in contact with, Angel and Mervin reveal how she influenced their journey while they attended school and into their adult lives. They share stories about how much they benefited from and appreciated their school leader’s efforts to build a rapport with her students. Her acts of kindness in response to challenging circumstances helped so many students safely navigate their way through and to the other side. Ms. Coles’ sincerity during those moments led to their desire to remain in contact with her into their adult lives. Appreciation of her continued interest and investment in them is why Angel, Mervin and many other alumni, value her presence as a mentor in their lives today.

Many thanks to Social Spark Media representative, Lindsay, for conducting testimonial interviews. A few comments from Julie, aka “Ms. Coles” – “Her” - “She” - and sadly “Older Lady” Lost in translation and an apology…. Angel’s interview began with a question about her thoughts of Ms. Coles becoming an author. Unfortunately visitors will hear an initial reference to Ms. Coles as “her” by the interviewer. While thankfully it is the correct pronoun, the intended introduction was lost somewhere among a volume of content edited and left on the cutting floor. Showing some restraint…..As tempting as it was, I had to refrain from editing Mervin’s, “She’s an older lady,” comment. It left me wondering, “When did the students start disbelieving me when I explained each year, “I was so fortunate to turn 50 years old….AGAIN!” We will endeavor to do better with future postings. And….I’ll still be 50.

Good Afternoon Ms. Coles

Not sure if you remember me but a photo came up on Facebook and it was my 6th grade class. I wanted to tell you to this day you are still one of the most memorable teachers I ever had in my life. I’m 43 years old and thank you because you literally left a great impression on me.
Thanks again
Michael G.